• Crime thrillers set in 1997 and 1998 in manchester

    Both books published by Northodox Press.

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    May 1997 Election night. Blair’s New Labour is predicted to win with a landslide. It feels like a new start for everyone, the grey days of sleaze are over. There’s a new hope that things really are about to get better.

    But not for Aidan.


    He’s a reporter whose life and career are going nowhere, relegated to a backwater job within the paper, existing on a diet of fast food and with virtually every day starting with a stinking hangover. He’s clinging on to his job by his fingernails.

    Then, after a terrifying road-rage incident, the story of his life drops in his lap. It looks like the chance to make his name and salvage his career.

    But within 24 hours his best friend is dead, he’s forced to work with Suzie, a combative, abrasive, ambitious younger colleague whilst the most powerful gangster in Manchester hunts Aidan armed with a weapon no one can resist.



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    Aiden Hughes is a wanted man for a murder he didn't commit and, of course, Manchester's most ruthless gangster still wants him dead.


    Fresh from his confrontation with The Honey Talker, Aiden seeks a new life and anonymity in Ireland, settling into a cosy existence with girlfriend Roisin. But then an old colleague, Suzie Regen, reaches out, desperate to get to the bottom of a new mystery.


    Rumours of a chemist with a penchant for poison and contract killing draw Aiden back into the dark underbelly of Manchester to face this deadly new foe. But has he met his match? And can survive this fatal game?