• About ME

    After writing several successful non-fiction books, I started writing fiction in 2008. Gradually, I've got better at it...

    What I write

    I started out as a bit of a genre tart but I have settled into writing mainly historical fiction. I tend to create flawed but believable characters and set them in a strong story arc.

    I write my historical fiction in three main areas:

    • Crime fiction set in Manchester during Blair's Britain in the late 1990s
    • WW1 and WW2 fiction often with an aviation theme
    • Mainstream historical thriller/espionage fiction set in wartime Lisbon

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    Latest Directions

    People who have been expecting more aviation based fiction from me may be wondering about my lack of output in this field. I haven't abandoned this genre entirely, in fact I have researched and partly written a book centred on the Fairey Battle called The Betrayal but it has been a case of priorities; I have still been writing historical fiction but with a more mainstream appeal. This has led to two 1990s crime novels published by Northodox Press, The Honey Talker and its sequel The Fatal Formula.


    I am also working on a new series set in wartime Lisbon. Portugal was a fascinating place during WW2, ostensibly neutral but generally being sypathetic to the Allies whilst keeping Germany and Fascist Spain on its borders happy. It was a hotbed of espionage and intrigue. The first book, Lisbon '41, is complete and I'm looking for an agent/publisher whilst I work on the sequel, The Queen of Lisbon.


    Look out for both in 2024.


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